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Open to: All students, teachers, and artists attending school or residing in 92105 zip code. Four (4) winners will be chosen from four (4) categories: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Higher Education/Public

Sponsored by:

Friends of the City Heights Library

San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association

The CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST rules and entry forms are equal to the rules and entry forms of the ABA YLD LAW DAY ART CONTEST.

To enter both or either contests, read the rules and complete the entry forms for the ABA YLD LAW DAY ART CONTEST (www.ambar.org/lawday). If entering both contests, make two (2) identical sets of forms and submit one (1) directly to each contest.

Note: ABA YLD LAW DAY ART CONTEST is a separate contest from the CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST. Entries to that contest should be sent directly to ABA Law Day in accordance with their rules.

To enter a media arts submission in the CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST, follow the rules below for ABA YLD LAW DAY ART CONTEST.

To enter an essay submission in the CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST, write an essay of at least 250 but no more than 750 for middle school submissions, or 500 but no more than 1,000 words for high school and higher education/public submissions, that highlights the theme “The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy.” Elementary school submissions may also write an essay or other writing (poem, song, etc.). There is no minimum of maximum word count for elementary school submissions.

To submit an entry to the CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST email your entry to [email protected], or mail your entry to City Heights/Weingart Library at 3795 Fairmount Avenue, City Heights, CA 92105, postmarked by 3/31/2017. You can also personally deliver your entry to City Heights/Weingart Library, before the deadline. Please note City Heights/Weingart Library will be closed on Friday 3/31/2017 in observance of Cesar Chavez Day.

The DEADLINE for receipt of entries is: MARCH 31, 2017 for both the ABA YLD LAW DAY ART CONTEST and the CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST.

Winners will be announced before City Heights Law Day 2017. Winners will receive award and prize at ceremony at City Heights Law Day on Saturday April 29, 2017.

Contest prizes: CITY HEIGHTS LAW DAY MEDIA ARTS AND ESSAY CONTEST prizes for elementary school category are 1st: $100, 2nd: $50, 3rd: $25; middle school category are 1st: $100, 2nd: $50, 3rd: $25; high school category are 1st: $250, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50; higher education/public: 1st: $250, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50.

Entrants are encouraged, but not required to attend a coaching and consultation session on Saturday 3/18/2017 at 10:00 AM at the City Heights/Weingart Library (3795 Fairmount Avenue, City Heights, CA 92105) to help entrants complete applications.

Entrants are encouraged to review the contest rules periodically at www.CityHeightsLaw.org. Rules are subject to change on or before 3/18/2017.



“The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy”


Qualified Participants: The Law Day Contest is open to students, student groups, and

classes attending a public or private high school, or being home schooled, within the United

States and in grades 9-12 or the equivalent. There are two categories for submissions:

Individual and Team. The Team category will consist of two or more students.

Background: The American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Law Day Contest

asks participants to create an art piece exploring the procedural protections afforded to all of us by the U.S. Constitution and why the preservation of these principles is essential to our

liberty. Participants should utilize the theme: "The 14th Amendment: Transforming American

Democracy.” An explanation of Law Day and this year’s Law Day theme can be found online at: www.ambar.org/lawday.

Sponsors: The 2017 Law Day Contest is sponsored by the American Bar Association

Young Lawyers Division (“ABA YLD”) and cosponsored by the American Bar Association

American Bar Association Division for Public Education and the ABA Standing

Committee on Judicial Independence and the. Contest prizes are made possible through

the generous donations or support of the ABA YLD and Law Day Contest supporters listed at:

www.ambar.org/lawday. The American Bar Association is located at: 321 North Clark Street,

Chicago, IL, 60654.

Contest Eligibility Requirements: Qualified Participants are allowed to submit an art piece

which may be represented in two-dimensions to be entered in the Law Day Contest.

Students are encouraged to use their creativity and create art pieces in any medium desired

(including, but not limited to, drawings, paintings, films, photographs, graphic novels, comics,etc.). Each submission must be accompanied by a signed Law Day Contest Entry Form.

All Qualified Participants under the age of 18 years of age must have their parent or legal

guardian sign the Parental Permission Release found at www.ambar.org/lawday. Any and all

participants must assent to the republication, reproduction, or any other use of the

submissions and the likenesses, personas, and voices contained therein by the ABA and

must submit all applicable releases (see “Clearances”). Additionally, each Law Day Contest

Entry Form must be signed by a parent, guardian, teacher, student over the age of 18, or

other person over the age of 18 certifying the submission is the original work of the

Qualified Participant(s). Submissions are subject to verification for compliance with these

Rules. Qualified Participants are not limited to one entry, but will only be eligible to win one


Group Submissions: Two or more Qualified Participants may submit a group entry. Qualified

Participants need not be from the same school or class. However, all students must be

Qualified Participants and meet Contest Eligibility Requirements and must complete the

Parental Permission Release form, if applicable. Groups should select one Qualified

Participant to act as Group Representative. The name of the Group Representative and all other participants must be listed on the Law Day Contest Entry Form.

Steps to Enter: Qualified Participants must:

1. Read and agree to the contest Rules. To do so, you may find the contest Entry Form and

a copy of the contest Rules at www.ambar.org/lawday. All submissions must be accompanied

by a signed and completed Law Day Contest Entry Form signed by all participants

or parent/guardian as applicable.

2. Create an art piece that highlights the theme “The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy.”

3. Submit a two-dimensional representation of the art piece (photograph, short video clip,

scanned image, etc.) to the website at: www.ambar.org/lawday or by mail, with the completed Entry Form, applicable releases and image to:

ABA YLD Law Day Contest

Attn: Asia Harris


321 North Clark Street, 18

th Floor

Chicago, IL 60654

4. Contest entries will be accepted beginning December 1, 2016. To be eligible for prizes, all

entries must be uploaded or postmarked by March 31, 2017.

5. All Qualified Participants under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the

Parental Permission Release, and each Entry Form must be signed by an adult. Winners will be required to prove eligibility requirements and compliance with the Rules.

Contest Description:

1. Selection of winners and runners-up in both the Individual and Group categories will

be based on originality, creativity, adherence to the theme, and overall quality.

2. The ABA YLD Law Day Contest Committee will select no more than one winner and one

runner-up for both the Individual and Group categories from among the Eligible Entries that, in the sole discretion of the ABA YLD, meet minimum quality standards and best reflect the

theme. Winners will be announced on or about April 14, 2017 and posted on the ABA YLD Law

Day Contest site.

Contest Prizes: Prizes for the runners-up will be awarded, the value of which will not exceed

$250.00 each. Prizes for the winners will be awarded, the value of which will not exceed

$750.00 each.

Privacy: Any and all names, contact information, and related should be submitted only on the

entry form and other required forms. Names, contact information, or any other personally

identifiable information should not be included within the submission (for example, on a “credit roll”), as the submitted pieces may be displayed on publicly accessible websites. If personally identifiable information is presented within the submission, the ABA may, in the ABA’s sole discretion, void or deem the submission ineligible.

Submitted Art: All submissions must be the original work of the participants.

Participants must not have granted any other person or entity prior right to use the piece.

Submissions will not be accepted or eligible if they include – in the sole judgment of the ABA— any content that contains or appears to contain:

1. Profane, obscene, or inappropriate material;

2. Endorses, encourages, glorifies, or condones drug use, underage drinking, alcohol abuse or

any other illegal activity;

3. Nudity, profanity or gratuitous violence.

4. Inappropriate language;

5. Any express or implied commercial endorsement;

6. Any derogatory characterization of any person or group based on age, race, color, gender,

gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status, mental or

physical disability, citizenship, creed, national origin, physical appearance, political affiliation,

union membership, or other unethical or unlawful factors;

7. Depictions of any conduct, language or other context deemed inappropriate.

8. Any actual or apparent copying or other infringement of another's intellectual property


Clearances: Each participant is solely responsible for obtaining from all applicable individuals or entities any and all required rights, releases, consents, clearances, licenses, and other

authorizations necessary to exploit and otherwise use their submitted piece in any and all

media. Clearances required include, for example:

1. Location releases;

2. Releases from any person whose name, voice, likeness or persona is referenced, shown, or

otherwise used in the submitted piece;

3. If any individual depicted is under the age of majority, participants must obtain the signature of the individual’s parent or guardian on the applicable clearance(s).

4. By submitting art entries, participants warrant that the contents of the submitted piece does not infringe on any copyright owned by another, and/or that the content of the piece is within the bounds of the fair use doctrine. Participants also confirm that to the best of their

knowledge, any statements made in the submitted piece are true and do not violate or infringe on the rights of third parties. All necessary clearances must be obtained and provided to ABA prior to selecting the art piece as a winning piece. The sponsor may disqualify any submitted piece at any time if the participant has not obtained all necessary clearances.

Conditions of Participation:

1. By entering, participants agree to defend and indemnify sponsor(s) and sponsor's principles, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability for any injuries, loss, or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with the contest as a result of receiving participants’ submissions and/or misuse of any prize.

2. Each participant agrees that the sponsor(s) may retain a copy of the submitted art and

releases the sponsor from liability for any loss or damage thereto. Each participant, by

submitting the art, also consents, approves and authorizes the sponsor the right to use,

broadcast, webcast, podcast, link to or from, syndicate, or otherwise exhibit or display the

submitted pieces in its original or an altered form or format.

3. Each participant grants the sponsor(s) the unqualified, unrestricted, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right to use his or her name, logo, marks, submission entries, and other distinctive identification in connection with promoting or marketing the contest or its theme, and future contests, materials or as the sponsor(s) determine.

4. The rights described in these official rules begin immediately upon submission of the art


5. The sponsor has no obligation to post or display any submitted piece and may at its

discretion remove any submitted pieces at any time.

6. The participant releases the sponsor from any and all claims by third parties or the

participant in connection with the submitted piece.

General Conditions:

1. This contest is governed by the laws of the state of Illinois and participants consent to the

exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal district courts located within and of the state of Illinois for any causes or controversies arising therefrom.

2. The sponsor reserves the right to void entries it deems associated with electronic or

nonelectronic tampering.

3. Should technical or other difficulties arise that compromise the integrity of the contest the sponsor may cancel, modify or suspend the contest without notice. In that case, the sponsor reserves the right to award the prizes from eligible entries received before the cancellation.

4. The sponsor is not responsible for any technical malfunction or service outage related to the contest.

Questions? If you have any questions or comments in relation to the contest, please

contact ABA YLD Office Administrator, Asia Harris at [email protected] 



January 17, 2017 Contact: David Madden, (415) 355-8800

Ninth Circuit Civics Contest Focuses on Legal Legacy of the Japanese Internment

SAN FRANCISCO – A civics contest organized by the federal courts of the western United States offers high school students a chance to win cash prizes while learning more about constitutional conflicts that arose during one of the most momentous periods in our nation’s history. The 2017 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest is an essay and video competition open to young people in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, along with the U.S. Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Students in grades 9-12 in public, private and parochial schools or home-schooled students of equivalent grade status may enter. Individual students can compete in the essay contest, while individuals and teams of up to three students can enter the video contest. Complete information is available at http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/civicscontest.

The contest theme, “Not to Be Forgotten: Legal Lessons of the Japanese Internment,” relates to events occurring in 1942 following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Presidential directives authorizing the military to take steps to guard against enemy sabotage or espionage on the West Coast led to the forced relocation of some 100,000 persons of Japanese descent, many of them U.S. citizens. Students are advised to consider U.S. Supreme Court decisions in 1943 and 1944, which generally upheld the internment policy, along with lower court decisions in the 1980s, which resulted in exoneration for two Japanese-American men who had resisted relocation. The cases bring into focus the constitutional conflicts that can arise when national security and individual rights are both at stake. In studying the Japanese internment, students are asked to consider its relevance today as our nation seeks to protect against terrorism on American soil.

The contest is organized by the Courts and Community Committee of the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit, governing body for the federal judiciary in the western states. Federal courts in the 15 judicial districts that make up the Ninth Circuit are cosponsors. Prizes of $2,000, $1,000 and $500 – more –will be awarded to the first-, second- and third-place winners in both the writing and video competitions. Winners will be announced in June.

“Civics education really begins with the Constitution,” said the U.S. District Judge Janis L.

Sammartino of San Diego, who chairs the Courts and Community Committee. “The contest will uniquely add to the student’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of our democracy.”

For more information about the contest, please contact the Ninth Circuit Office of the Circuit Executive, (415) 355-8973 / [email protected]

Contact Us

For questions regarding the City Heights Law Day Media Arts and Essay Contest, please email [email protected]